Charitable Contributions & Memberships

2019$200Brenton ArboretumLearn More
2019$2,000EveryStep Community GardenLearn More
2019$500Effigy Mounds National MonumentLearn More
2019$200Friends of Neal Smith Prairie Learning CenterLearn More
2019$500GCA Scholarship Fund
2019$200Greater Des Moines Botanical GardenLearn More
2019$4,261Iowa ArboretumLearn More
2019$200Iowa Environmental CouncilLearn More
2019$200Iowa Natural Heritage FoundationLearn More
2018$2622.25Brenton ArboretumLearn More
2018$500Effigy Mounds National MonumentLearn More
2018$5172Iowa ArboretumLearn More
2018$1000Kavanaugh House HospiceLearn More
2017$3240Blank Park Zoo PLANT/GROW/FLY Pollinator InitiativeLearn More
2017$200Brenton ArboretumLearn More
2017$500Ding Darling Natural Wildlife RefugeLearn More
2017$200Friends of Neal Smith Prairie Learning CenterLearn More
2017$500GCA Scholarship FundLearn More
2017$200Greater Des Moines Botanical GardenLearn More
2017$200Iowa ArboretumLearn More
2017$100Iowa Environmental CouncilLearn More
2017$200Iowa Natural Heritage FoundationLearn More

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