Garden Club of America Awards

2014Elizabeth Abernathy Hull Scholarship Award
Ms. Kay Meyer for 35 years of outstanding achievements in environmental education for Iowa youth.
2004Elizabeth Craig Weaver Proctor Medal
Mr. John Ruan for exemplary service and creative vision in his commitment to the World Food Prize Foundation and the World Food Prize Youth Institute.
2000GCA Martin McLaren Interchange FellowMs. Stephanie Jutilla
1995Eloise Payne Luquer MedalMs. Karen Strohbeen and Mr. Bill Luchsinger for special achievement in the field of botany, which includes medical research, the fine arts and education.
1994Winner, GCA Founders Fund AwardDes Moines Founders Garden Club - Greenwood Park Discovery Wetland Project — $20,000.
1985Amy Angell Collier Montague Medal
Mrs. Richard M. Moore for outstanding civic achievement.
1981Runner-Up, GCA Founders Fund AwardDes Moines Founders Garden Club - Des Moines Riverfront Park — $1,500.
1980Distinguished Service Medal
Dr. Tom D. Throckmorton for detailed study of the classification of daffodils.
1972Katharine Thomas Cary MedalMrs. Forest Huttenlocher for Flower Arrangement Education.
1961Medal of HonorMr. Arie F. den Boer for service in horticulture.
1957Katharine Thomas Cary MedalMrs. Tomoko Yamamoto for outstanding achievement in field of Flower Arrangement Education.
1955Frances K. Hutchinson MedalMr. Jay N. (“Ding”) Darling for accomplishments as a pioneer in practical application of conservation.

GCA Flower Show Awards

2021Botanical Arts Creativity AwardTracy Wheeler
2017GCA Novice Award in HorticultureMary Holtze
2000Corliss Knapp Engle Horticulture Sweepstakes AwardDes Moines Founders Garden Club

GCA Zone XI Awards

2023Zone Horticulture CommendationMr. Douglas Hoerr
2018Zone Appreciation AwardMrs. Norman Bone
2018Zone Horticulture CommendationMr. Kelly Norris
2018Zone Civic Improvement CommendationMr. and Mrs. John Pappajohn
2015Zone Civic Improvement CommendationMr. J.C. Buz Brenton
2013Zone Aldo Leopold AwardMs. Shannon Ramsay - Trees Forever
2011Zone Conservation CommendationMr. Mark Ackelson
2011Zone Aldo Leopold AwardWhite Rock Conservancy
2010Zone Civic Improvement AwardMs. Lynda Chase
2009Zone Historic Preservation AwardMrs. Richard Moore
2008Zone Conservation AwardMrs. Thomas G. McKlveen
2008Zone Civic Improvement AwardMrs. John Ruan, III
2006Zone Creative Leadership AwardMrs. Norman Bone
2000Zone Civic Improvement CommendationMeredith Corporation
1998Zone Historic Preservation AwardMs. Lynda Chase
1993Zone Historic Preservation AwardMrs. Robert Fleming
1987Zone Civic Improvement AwardMrs. John Eddy
1972Zone Horticulture AwardMrs. Peter Janss
1966 Zone Conservation AwardMrs. Richard Koss

GCA Club Awards

Club Medal of Merit Award

2022Mrs. Robert Veenstra
2013Mrs. Norman Bone
2010Mrs. F. Richard Lyford
2009Ms Lynda Chase
2008Mrs. Ralph Amend
2005Mrs. John Ruan, III
2004Mrs. George Milligan
1994Mrs. Henry Harmon
1989Mrs. R.M. Oothout, Jr.
1986Mrs. Miles M. Mills, Jr.
1983Mrs. Richard Moore
1977 Mrs. Ellis Annett
1973Mrs. Fredric
1972Mrs. Cummins Rawson
1970Mrs. Richard Koss
1964Mrs. Addison Parker

Club Civic Improvement Award

2022Mrs. Michael Frazier
2018Mrs. Michael Pruchnicki
2012Ms. Carole Tillotson
2005Ms. Susan Noland
2003Mrs. Luther Hill
2003Mrs. Samuel Gelb

Club Horticulture Award

2021Mrs. Charles Becker
2019Mrs. David Grieve
2015Mrs. R.M. Oothout, Jr.
2013Mrs. Michael Pruchnicki
2008Mrs. Bart Jenson
2006Mrs. Joseph Jester
1998Mrs. Steven Nelson-Vaux
1985Mrs. Michael Hirsch
1979Mrs. Miles M. Mills, Jr.
1975Mrs. John B. Cabanis
1974Mrs. Robert Fleming
1972Mrs. H.L. Crittenden
1969Mrs. Charles S. Howard
1968Mrs. George C. Koss
1962Mrs. Kenneth MacDonald
1961Mrs. Randall Klein
1960Mrs. Monroe Patzig
1959Mrs. B.T. Whitaker
1958Mrs. Meyer Rosenfield

Club Appreciation Award

2023Mrs. Steve Flanagan, Ms. Kathleen Jones, Mrs. Mark Kane
2015Mrs. H. Robert Veenstra
2008Mrs. Michael Pruchnicki
1997Mrs. Richard Moore
1997Mrs. Robert Fleming
1996Mrs. Luther Hill

Club Conservation Commendation

2006The Brenton Arboretum

Club Conservation Award

2018Mrs. Bart Jenson
2015Mrs. Tom Hutchins
2011Ms. Marian Riggs

Club Flower Arrangement Award

2012Mrs. Charles Becker
2012Mrs. Charles Lozier

Club Historic Preservation Commendation

2019Mr. Mike Simonson

Club Historic Preservation Award

2012Mrs. John Ruan III

Club Photography Award

2019Mrs. J. William Holtze
2019Ms. Kathleen Jones
2012Ms. Susan Koch-Bridgford
2011Ms. Deb Wiley

Club Garden History and Design Award

2021Mrs. Richard Moore